Friday, March 17, 2017

Tricky Leprechaun!

While we were getting ready for yesterday we were surprised to find a gold coin in each child's hat or glove.  The tricky leprechaun was up to more mischief today.

When we returned from Chinese class we discovered some signs that the leprechaun had been in our room.

A note was painted on our easel.

All the green markers were spilled on a table.

Green letters from one of our letter shelf activities were spilled on the floor.

 Green magnet wall symbols were on the wall.

There was a line of gold coins as we entered the room (and the chair in the hallway was knocked over).

 A few chairs were stacked on a table with green stuffed animals placed on top.

Our sinks were painted GREEN!

So the class set out to build leprechaun traps to catch him. We decided he may need to go to the office and have a talk with Mrs. Preissing on how to make different choices. Some students started building right away, while others looked in some of our books to do some research. The whole class worked together on several traps and soon our rooms was a dangerous place for a leprechaun to travel. 

When we came back to the room after lunch we found a note on the door, "YOU HAVEN'T CAUGHT ME YET! KEEP TRYING!"

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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