Thursday, February 2, 2017

Two New Challenges

Today we were very busy with TWO new challenges!

The whole preschool is working together on a giant collaborative image in the project room. When it is finished it will hang in the main hallway between the rooms.  Both rooms have been learning about Minnesota and winter. We are making a big picture of what winter looks like.  Today the first group had to figure out how to assemble the paper that we will work on, create groups to start the image, and establish a plan so that it makes ONE big picture.  This required a lot of conversation! Other groups will continue in the coming days.  We are excited to see what is created when the preschoolers are all done! Just like all of our project room challenges, we do not know when we will be done.

We also started a new building challenge in the classroom today.  This challenge had three big steps. The first part was to create a tall tower using toothpicks and Play-Doh.  As each student completed their tower, she/he was tasked with drawing what was built. Finally, they had to recreate their structure using a different building material.

About half the class was able to start this challenge today.  It will remain in the room for a few more days to ensure there is enough time that everyone who wants to try can do so.

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