Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Room Under Construction!

The students had a few ideas on changes to our room that they felt we needed. Some of this conversation revolved around what we can control (where we put things), and what we cannot (the size of our room, that it is in Breck and not in a tree fort). Two major requests that were in our control were to make our reading area cozier and to have a block area that we would not need to clean up all the time. This started a giant challenge!

Almost every table, chair, and shelf in the room was moved (and a few moved back to their original locations).  Only the kitchen area stayed in one place the whole time. The students figured out where our thematic shelves would be located (building, letters, numbers, sensory, creation), and how to have tables close enough to use them.  Not only did we gain the two requested areas, but we gained a few more too.  We now have a special magnet wall and a special area for our light board!  The reading area moved UNDER the loft, and the upper loft area now has our playhouse and a barn.

We will have to live with our new arrangement for awhile to see how it works!

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