Friday, February 17, 2017

Interesting Articles For You to Consider

Recently there has been an increased understanding of the importance of spatial awareness and how it can impact future achievement in math and science.  Education Week and Mind Shift recently published articles on this topic (links below). I thought you may find them interesting.

Education Week

Mind Shift

Many of the activities in our preschool program help students visualize an object and mentally rotate it.  One way we engage these skills is when we ask students to create a plan before they build something.  This requires a clear mental picture of a final object.  A two-dimensional image can only show a portion, and the student needs to hold on to what is not shown in the picture.  We also improve spatial awareness when students build the same idea with a different building material. Many of the numeracy items on our math shelves use spatial awareness skills to demonstrate quantity to numeral.  3-D number lines are one way that this happens on a daily basis. Many of the project room challenges were designed around an understanding of the importance of spatial reasoning.

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