Monday, January 30, 2017

Window on Preschool

We have had a LOT of activity in our room the last week.  Here are just a few of things that the children have been doing!

We read Rhoda's Rock Hunt by local writer Molly Beth Griffin. This is a wonderful book about collecting rocks, family, time together, perseverance, and sacrifice.  When we finished the book we set out some of the rocks in our room to build a cairn.

 The students have been very busy creating their new name labels to hang near our classroom door. We have taken the portraits that the Upper School Photography class took and combined them with our names. Each student has used bubble letters to trace her/his name.  When this is done, they cut out their portraits and then fill in the letters.  Each student will have their name filled with pictures of themselves expressing lots of different emotions.  The first few are hanging outside the door now.

Our small snowstorm last week added a lot of joy to our recess! Let's hope we get more soon.

The zip line challenge came to an exciting close on Friday. Students were offered various random materials to create a new object that could travel down the zip line.  We quickly discovered that some objects were too light and others were too heavy.

It is time for our new self portraits. This month students used crayons to draw a picture and then used water colors to add details over the crayon images.

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