Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Two Challenges in One Day

Ms. Carter and I split the class into two groups today. Each student only got to do one challenge today, but we will rotate the groups tomorrow.  The children at this stage are unaware of what happened in the other group (so please don't tell your children until tomorrow after school!).

Ms. Carter took one group into the project room.  They got to work on building a giant building using one of our materials that looks like enormous Tinker Toys. These are great materials that allow for the children to safely design a very large structure safely.

They first had to test out how to connect the sticks and figure out how to make it stand on its own. This took a lot of group effort!

The group with me were given string, toilet paper tubes, a 4 way PVC connector, and ribbon.  They were challenged with designing a zip line that would carry an item from the loft to about half way across the classroom.  The first video shows the beginning stages of figuring out how to move an item on a zip line.

This next video shows how the students practice and are guided in being more precise in their language to help them collaborate with their groups.


The final video shows what happened after Elijah got his group to understand his plan.


Once everyone has had a chance to figure out the basics of creating a zip line, we will introduce a modification to the challenge on Friday. 

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