Thursday, December 8, 2016

Water Challenge

A few of the children requested that we change the bubble challenge today to a water challenge. The goal is to move water from one container to another with limited supplies.  We taped off a distance of about two feet from the table.  Figuring out how to move the water required a lot of planning on the part of the children.  As with the bubble challenge, there were many attempts made. Ms. Carter and I often check in with them as they are building to help them focus on verbalizing their ideas.


When students work on turning their ideas to reality they need to test them.  This sometimes means their hard work is not meant with complete success. Here is a design being tested out by Ruby and Elena.


Ms. Carter and I do not give the children a solution, but ask questions to help them move to another step. In this video can you see how Elena explains the changes she plans to make to improve on the design in the video above.


1 comment:

  1. What a group of inventors and problem solvers, Mr. Thayer! I love the ideas and the the questions you are asking to guide as well as uncover the thinking of these thoughtful creations!
    Awesome designs and thinking, preschool friends!
    Mrs. Preissing