Monday, December 5, 2016


Our sensory table welcomed a new exploration today ... BUBBLES! We have all seen the joy that children (and many adults) get from making bubbles.  The children used water, dish soap, and straws to make bubbles.

They made a lot of discoveries as they played.  They uncovered that the amount of water and the amount of soap make a difference in how many bubbles are produced. When there was only soap they did not get many, nor when there was too much water.  Many found out that how a straw was angled made a big difference as did how quickly you blow air. One student figured out how to pierce bubbles with a straw in such a way that they did not pop. This involved moving the straw slowly so that the soap suds could create a new seal.

We will continue with bubble making into tomorrow, but then it will turn into an engineering challenge.

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