Thursday, December 1, 2016

Book Making Table

A few students started to make and design their own books at the creation table. This led to many others wanting to join in the fun, so we now have a book making table in the classroom.  One of the joys of working with preschoolers is being able to simply respond to their ideas and making it part of the classroom.

This allows for the creation table to continue as a place of free creativity, but ensures that our busy publishers have a place to work. Many of the supplies can be shared between the two tables, but each have their own supply of writing utensils.  

You may notice several things if your child brings home a book she/he has made: 

1- It might only have pictures
2- There may be squiggly lines to represent where the words would go.
3- She/He may have used a few letters to represent all the words on the page.
4- Your child may or may not remember the story that was being designed at the time.
5- There might be words that your child has spelled using formal spelling.
6- In retelling or reading the book your child may tell the same story each time or it may change. 
7- Another child may have helped your child with the writing or a picture.  This is a very collaborative group and they turn to one another often. 

All of these are very typical for this stage of development.

Ms. Carter and I do not tell the students how anything is spelled. We may slow down words to assist in identifying the sounds in a word. This allows for a child to use her/his understanding of letter sounds to begin to write.

The book making table is a choice for students in the room, but not a required activity.  All children do engage in the writing process, but this is not the hook for everyone.  

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