Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Project Room Challenge - Building Letters

Our next project room challenge has begun! Each student has been paired up with a child from the other preschool room. We are attempting to build a "letter wall" to hang in the hallway across from the coatroom.

We have tables filled with supplies that are available for each pair to BUILD their letter.  After each letter has been made, we will hang it from the wall.  Once we have completed the whole alphabet the next stage of the challenge will begin. The next stage will involve using technology, art, and observation.

This activity requires that the children communicate and plan with their partners clearly and find a way to compromise with their creative ideas. Many of them had to adapt their plans when a material did not work as originally believed.  Some of the preschoolers have mastered all of their letters, while others are developing an understanding of letter recognition. This collaborative challenge allows for each student not matter where she/he is at in beginning literacy.

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