Monday, November 21, 2016

Grandparents Day Schedule

Wednesday is Grandparents' Day. Ms. Carter and I thought you may like to see the schedule for the day.
Grandparents Day Schedule
Mr. Thayer and Ms. Carter’s Preschool Class

8:15-8:30-       Grandparents/special guests check coats in Gym C and proceed to student’s classroom

8:30-8:45-       Activities in the classroom

8:45-9:10-       Refreshments in the Middle School Commons

9:15-9:50-          Circle Time and Introductions

9:55-10:25-      Visit the specialists (Music, Art, Gym, Spanish, Library)

10:30-11:50-    Activities in the classroom

11:00-11:35-      Chapel Service

11:30-12:00-      Return to the classroom
                             -11:45-Bus Dismissal

                             -11:55-Car Dismissal

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