Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Window on Preschool

 Our art display area has been a very busy area.  Now that the art easel is open it will be fun to see what individual creations students select to display!

   Some of the activities that have been out since the first day of school now have extra challenges added to them.  Many students have been having fun with the additional challenges that involve matching.
 Building has remained a popular activity for many.  We continue to have the big construction projects, but many students have started to work "small."

Our academic shelves have many new activities that allow the children to challenge themselves at their own ability and interest level.  Our numeracy shelf has many ways to associate quantity with symbol. The language shelf has had a new activity that added that focuses on initial letter sounds in words.

Fall brings many fun outdoor exploration opportunities.  Pine needles and leaves have become a favorite.  Children from both rooms can often be found together cooperating on a giant pile.

 Our class worked with Chaplain Z in the "Secret Garden" planting bulbs and mixing the compost bin. We are very excited to see what grows there this spring!

 Pair reading is a common sight in the room. Children will often take a book out of the loft and read anywhere in the room.

 The sand table is GONE ... but the RICE table is a new hit in the room.  Our sensory table will change throughout the year.

Our creation table is often used for cutting, pasting, writing, and drawing.

It is amazing how much growth the class has had in how they conduct themselves in meetings.  We have been focusing on listening when others speak and trying to follow the conversation that is at hand.

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