Friday, October 14, 2016

Role Playing: Acting Out the World

Role playing is an important way for children to act out how they understand their world. It gives them a chance to practice the skills and interactions that they witness adults having.  

Yesterday a few children used some of our building toys to create a hair salon.  They used these toys in a very imaginative way to act out what they have seen when they have gotten their own haircuts. Today this role playing activity became a key part of our day. Children found ways on their own to take turns and act out different tools that are really used in a hair salon. This was all totally done from their initiative. You can see what this looked like in the two short videos below.


Later in the day the children decided they wanted to BUILD a hair salon in the room. We had a meeting and talked about where in the room we could do this and what supplies would be needed.  It took a lot of teamwork to rearrange a whole area of the classroom, discuss their ideas, create a plan, and to work together bringing their ideas to reality. 

Our whole loft area has been transformed. We have windows, walls, and doors. The salon itself is under the loft (cash register and all), while the waiting room is in the loft itself.  A few of the children felt it was very important to have a waiting area with books, since that is what they have where they get their hair cut.  Another detail that was considered very important was to have smocks made.

Play based role playing opportunities will continue to happen all year long. It will be fun to see where the children lead and what they figure out!

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