Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Project Room -- Making Our Own Instruments Challenge

We have continued our playful exploration of sound in the project room.  Half the class went in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon.  The students had the opportunity to see if they could use fairly random supplies to make sounds and music.  We started by reviewing what sounds we were able to make with the instruments last time we were in the room. After doing a short "tour" of the items on the floor the children were told to simply "see if you can make something like an instrument you saw, and try to make something totally different from what you saw too."

The video below is from the beginning of this exploration. You can see how they recreated instruments (the xylophone from pieces of wood), found sound in unexpected places (rubbing rice in a tube along the floor), and started to create musical stations (a drum set from containers).


This next video shows how some of the students started to collaborate with one another to make a band.  This was done on their own initiative and allowed for them to share the discoveries that they had made with one another.


It has been very interesting to witness the discoveries that the students are uncovering on their own with the different projects.  Having the extra space truly allows for the children to take the time and space they need to experiment, fail, discuss, and reevaluate.  I am very excited to see the continued creativity and collaboration that happens as the year continues.

We will continue with our sound exploration for a few more days before the next challenge cycle takes over the project room.

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