Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween: Costumes, Parade, and Party

Halloween is almost here!  Monday will be a very busy and exciting day for the children.

COSTUMES:  Children in the Lower School participate in wearing costumes. Lower School costumes SHOULD NOT include face paint, colored hair, weapons, be culturally stereotypical, contain blood and gore, or be overly scary.

Most children want to change out of costumes during the day. This can be done by having a costume that goes over clothing, or sending in an outfit to change into.

PARADE: The whole Lower School community gathers in the Anderson Gym (located near the Head of School office) for a fun time of singing.  Parents are invited to sit in the bleacher area and watch all the amazing costumes come by, and then join us in song! Feel free to wear your own costume.  The parade begins at 8:40 and typically lasts about an hour.

PARTY:  The class party will be right after the parade. Please DO NOT send in treats.  All treats must be ordered from the Breck kitchen.  The Halloween party in preschool is a very calm affair. Most years the children need a quiet and relaxing time after the parade. Mrs. McCool and I have already ordered the snack. Parent volunteers simply meet us in the classroom after the parade.

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