Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Window on Preschool

Just a few photos of a few of the activities happening in the room this morning.

 Abby used Elizabeth's name card to practice writing a friend's name.

 Sam and Ruby were matching objects to color tiles and to written color names.

 Elena and Ava were using the magnet board to create a calendar and have a morning meeting.

 Miles was busy in our home area calling to get information about bird seed.

 Alex was in the sand table making "edible" creations.

 Ethan, Sam, and Elijah were busy in a construction zone.

 Caroline climbed up into the tower and stretched for the sky.

 There needed to be some resting after a long game of playing a chasing game.

 Sometimes you have to wait in line for a slide.

 Finally got their turn at the stick challenge.

Using the apple trees to practice number recognition and matching quantity to numeral.

Art, art, and more art!

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