Friday, September 2, 2016

Preschool Project Room

We have a new experimental space for our preschool program this year. The Preschool Project Room allows for lots of exciting learning opportunities. It is the room between the two preschool rooms.  We have set up the room so that it can be used in a flexible manner to meet multiple learning objectives. There will be times that it is used for collaborative art projects, STEAM, building challenges, messy sensorial exploration, role playing creative fun ... the options are endless.

This space will allow for us to leave projects out.  This is important as it allows children to step away from a project and return with a fresh idea to revise. Some of the challenges in the Project Room will be designed by the teachers and others by the students themselves.

This morning we used the space to introduce sand tables and Play Doh. This was a simple way of introducing the room, and establishing routines for sensory activities that will typically reside in the main classroom. The students were able to explore freely and then were given a few small challenges.

Next week we have a potentially GIANT challenge prepared for the preschoolers. It is going to require all the children in BOTH preschool rooms to work together. We hope you can see it at Back-To-School Night next week!

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  1. What great pictures, Mr. Thayer. The looks on the faces of the children show how they are really thinking, noticing, and learning - and having fun! I may have some things for next week's building!!
    Hugs from,
    Mrs. Preissing