Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Sign In Procedures In Class

The children have two new responsibilities when they enter the room each morning. Each of these steps help with developing reading skills.

Each student selected a rock from our nature hike last week to claim as their own. Ms. Carter and I helped ensure that each rock was labeled with the name of the child. The students will move their rock from a "not here" tray to a "here" tray to help with attendance. This simple activity helps with name recognition. Children are already not only paying attention to their own name on the rock, but whose rock has not moved yet!

Every morning in our morning meeting we have a few announcements on our message board. This week we added a question that students answer by recording their name under the answer. Today's message asked, "Does your name have an Rr in it?" The students wrote their names under YES or NO.

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