Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Building Breck School

Both of the preschool classrooms are busy building our very own school in the project room.  We had to first discuss what areas of the school needed to be represented and then take a tour of the actual Breck School. Today half of the grade was able to work on our model of Breck, and the rest will get to leap into the hard cooperative work tomorrow!

1/2 of the children from each preschool room met in the project room and came up with a plan on where to begin this challenge. They decided some would build the chapel and the rest would work on the roads and parking lot. The children who are coming in tomorrow are going to build the classrooms and anything else they see that is needed.

This has been a BIG undertaking for our young students, and they have met it well. There were many times that things did not go as planned, but they took the advice of the one of the children and simply "built it again!"

Take a look in the project room tomorrow at Back-to-School Night and see what the preschoolers have been up to!

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