Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcome to Preschool!

Dear Families,
            I am so pleased to welcome your family to preschool and am looking forward to meeting you.  We ease into things in preschool at Breck. Our first day involves a short orientation with only half the class.  Each day we will slowly add new things for the children to explore. I look forward to having the chance to discuss curriculum details at Back to School Night on Thursday, September 8th. Ms. Carter will be the assistant in the room this year.  
            One of the reasons I love teaching at Breck is because the children are so warm, spontaneous, eager, and very inquisitive.  I started teaching at Breck in 2001, and have been teaching since 1995.  I am very excited to work with preschool children. It was actually in L56 that I was first encouraged to become a teacher as a Breck student. I started as a preschool teacher in Taiwan, and love the whimsy, passion, and randomness of the age. Preschoolers are natural explorers, and it is amazing to observe how they interact with the world. 
It is my hope to nurture all of the wonderful qualities your child comes with, and to challenge her/him as she/he continues to learn and grow.  You have the advantage of having watched your child grow and develop over many years, and have a great deal of insight.  I am writing to ask you to help me become a partner in your child’s development and education.  I would be very grateful if you could write to me about these topics:
1.     What are your hopes and dreams for your daughter or son this year in preschool? This will help with our goal setting at conferences.
2.    What has your child connected with and / or been intimidated by?
3.    What has been your child's experience with care outside of the home?
Please share your passion and knowledge of your child. If you are having troubles getting started here are some questions that may help:
  • What kinds of things is your child interested in?
  • In what areas is your daughter / son a risk taker?
  • What extra-curricular activities does she / he participate in?  Does she/he have any beginning hobbies?  
  • What are your expectations at home?
  • What is your child passionate about?
  • What type of activities does your child feel secure doing?  What activities tend to make your child nervous?
  • What is your child’s style in social interactions?
  • Does your child already know other children at Breck?
  • What strategies have been effective in the past to motivate your child?
  • What helps calm your child when she/he is upset?
  • What other things about your daughter/son that would be helpful for me to understand right away.
These are just some possibilities for you to write about.  I learn a great deal from these letters.  I have found over the years, that these introduction letters help me to get an early insight into your child, and to better prepare for the first few weeks of school. They also set the groundwork for us to work together in partnership with one another.  Thank you for taking the time to write your comments.  I truly look forward to reading your letters and working with you this year. You may give them to me as a physical letter or email them to .

Tyrone Thayer

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