Wednesday, May 16, 2018

3rd Grade Buddies

We met with our third grade buddies in the library this morning to enjoy books with one another. We will likely only get to see our buddies one more time this school year, but they will be the biddies at the start of the year in the lunchroom!

Happy Birthday Celebration Charlotte

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May Program

Upper School ends the year with May Program.  This is a chance for student to engage in enriching opportunities.  Some choose to take classes and others intern somewhere as a way of investigating future options.  Internships have included time with judges, engineering labs, business ventures, non-profits, work with the homeless, and countless other opportunities. As a P-12 campus there are many opportunities for the Upper Schoolers to intern on campus.  I used my own May Program to intern in this very room with the preschool team. This was an essential experience in my own life in determining my life goals.

We will have a senior interning in our room for May Program. Julia will begin her time with us this Friday, and spend her days learning about early childhood development. She is very excited to be in the room. Julia is one of my former students (from when I taught first grade), and it will be a lot of fun to have her in the room. Julia will NOT be acting as a teacher, and will not be responsible for any instruction, planning, or communication. She will also not be alone with the children. This is a chance for her to learn as a student.

I honestly look forward to the day when the children in this room may choose to come back to the Lower School and intern during their May Program.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Field Trip Notice

Your child has a permission slip for our final field trip of the year in her/his backpack today. We will be going to Gale Woods Farm on Friday, May 11th.  This field trip will take up most of the morning and if weather allows we will eat a bag lunch there. Lunch will be packed and provided by Breck. 

Please sign and return the form.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Native American Chapel

My favorite chapel each year is the one organized by come of our Native American families.  This is a chance for them to share their heritage, traditions, ceremony, and to be seen in our life here at Breck. Over the years the Native students have formed a strong cohort group. While many years ago this event was more of an adult run event, the leadership is now taken by this cohort group. 

This chapel is different each year. The students share key details of the diversity within the Native community and authentic information for our whole school.  They share information via technology, speeches, dance, a tipi raising, and traditional regalia.  

Our class was able to go outside after lunch and observe the raising of tipis that are being shared by the families. They were able to have questions answered by one of our seniors who has been instrumental in this event year and year.  

Our P-12 campus allows for many of these opportunities.  Our youngest students are able to learn directly from our older students. As a teacher I love how I get to watch the children who I once knew as a 5 year old, grow into a true young adult and take on significant leadership in our community.  

Monday, April 30, 2018

Lower School Closing Program

The Lower School Closing Program is on Friday, June 1. This is a BIG day in the Lower School. The students have all been hard at work learning songs to sing for everyone who comes. Students will be dismissed after the program.

This is a semi-dressy event for the children to celebrate the school year. We look forward to seeing you there!

The chapel doors will not open until noon on that day.

Germs, Germs ... Destroy Them!

Aurora's mom came into our classroom this morning. As a nurse she gets to deal with germs and proper hand washing every single day.  She brought in a special gel that glows under a black light to help the children see how hard it can be to actually get our hands totally clean.  The class all got to learn how to wash their hands better, and each student could see under the black light where they may need to wash better!

Every student was much more careful in how they washed their hands at lunchtime. Ask your child about what she/he learned about how to make sure your hands are ACTUALLY clean.