Friday, September 22, 2017

Field Trip!!

Our first field trip of the year was an exciting success. A bus ride, an outdoor playground, apples, a hayride, parent volunteers, learning about how apples are grown, and donuts for snack back at school ... What a day!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Loft Progress

The changes in our loft continue! Many of the students began transforming their pictures into their astronaut characters that will soon decorate sections of the loft. We also had a busy morning of students working together and finding ways to attach, cut, and decorate our space paper to the bigger sections of the loft. 

We still need to figure out how to create the planet ring and what kinds of alien monsters we will add. 

Self Portraits

We started our new self portraits today.  Students used mirrors to look at the details of their own faces and were tasked with drawing their own features. We also had several different crayons that could be used to try and match the wonderful variations of skin tones in our room.  These portraits will be only of our faces and will hang on the board in the room when completed. 

Name Puzzles

We took our portraits of every child and turned them into a puzzle. Each child puzzle has her/his name written under the photo. As students assemble the puzzles they get to practice recognizing the faces of their peers, recognize letters, and begin to read one another's names.

Field Trip Reminder

Just a reminder that we have our first field trip tomorrow. We will leave campus about 8:50 and be back by 11:30.  We have already ordered bag lunches from the Breck kitchen for the class since we may return too late for our standard lunch time.  Please help your child dress for an outdoor field trip. Tomorrow looks like it will be warm, and the apple orchard may be muddy from the rain early in the week. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Changing Our Loft

Preschool is a lot of fun as a teacher. Often times you start your day with a plan, and the students joyfully take everything in another direction.

Our morning meeting had a few inspiring ideas that resulted in a better plan for the day than I came to school with in my mind. The students decided that the loft looked rather boring and like something adults made for adults.  As a result our discussion this morning quickly turned into brainstorming what could we do to transform the loft and make it look like it was done by kids for kids!

There were plenty of opportunities for compromise and we ended up combining several ideas into one big project.  One idea was to take photos of the students and have them decorate the loft, another was to have galaxies, and another was to have monsters staring down on us from the ceiling.  So .... we are trying to turn the loft into outer space, with pictures of the students that will be decorated as astronauts, and design monster aliens to stare at us.  All of the ideas and the compromise was done by the children.

We first had to generate our ideas on the board and come up with a plan. The teachers drew pictures next to the words to help the children recall what was written down. We also focused on the initial letter sound of each word. Literacy is built into many parts of our day, and we guide the students into building an understanding of letter sounds and the importance of print in many ways.

After we figured out the basic plan we needed to gather supplies. The children knew where we could find some of the items they wanted, but we did need to talk to a few people in the building to find some materials.  This required a lot of clarity.  The people we had to ask were not part of the meeting, so it could be rather confusing to talk about outer space, aliens, monster, and the loft without proper context.

Finally, we had to get to work on the first stages of the plan. This was the fun and messy part of the plan. Not everyone was able to work at the same time, but everyone got their turn.

Let's see if this works out! It will take a few days to get everything done. I am guessing we will need to ask our project room questions a few times! (What worked? What didn't? What do you need to change?).

Monday, September 18, 2017

Field Trip Notice

Your child is bringing home a permission slip for our upcoming field trip. Please sign it and return it to school. Ms. Carter and I will be checking backpacks in the coming days to ensure that we get them returned to the classroom.