Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Project Room - On Display

The latest project room challenge is on display between Ms. McCool and Ms.Schoenborn's classrooms. Stop on by and take a look at how all the preschoolers created various images of fall together. There are four very large pieces hanging on the wall. 

Creation Table

The creation table is a popular spot in the classroom.  This is a space where the children are free to allow their own ideas to become reality. This space is available during most open explore times. It is amazing to simply sit back and observe what new idea is coming to fruition. 

We have already had a mountain made of tacos, our blocks turned into decorated cities, a few robots, airplanes, the world on a stick, a pumpkin game, wooden houses, a volcano that spews teddy bears, a  better slice of cheese, and many more creative endeavors.

It is a space for drawing, painting, building, and imagining. They develop their fine motor skills in a natural manner using scissors, pencils, crayons, markers, ripping paper by hand, and manipulating harder paper into the shapes they want.  The same muscles that are important for writing are developed.

We often supply the shelves with a variety of resources that can be used. Old magazines and books, toilet paper tubes, buttons, yarn, craft sticks, golf tees, stickers, and many other items can be found on the shelf near the table.  Let us know if you have random items that you feel could be used at the creation table.

Students also use this space to collaborate with one another or to make something for someone else.

 It is a place where Ms. Carter and I will often encourage the students to become more descriptive and expressive in their own verbal language as they explain what they are creating to those around them.  Many of the students have started to label their projects with letters and words.  This is a natural area where we "trick" literacy into their day.

This is a space often filled with laughter, chatting, and compliments on what someone else has made.  The children frequently find inspiration from one another. They bond with one another and make connections with one another.

This is an area that the children have the power to decide when something is complete. Some of the projects are completed in one sitting, and others require more time.  They can put incomplete projects in their cubbies to finish at a later date.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Teacher Workshop Days

This Thursday and Friday are teacher workshop days at Breck. There is no school for our students.  On Thursday the preschool team will continue to work on developing our curriculum and on Friday all teachers are involved in writing ISACS self-study accreditation reports. 

Field Trip Note

Your child will be bringing home a note about our upcoming field trip. Please return the permission slip portion.  We are excited to go to the pumpkin patch next week and hope that everyone is able to come!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Monster Above Our Door

The children decided we needed to begin to decorate our room for Halloween. We started with a class meeting. We generated a long list of possible things we could do and decided on making a sleeping monster to hang above our door.

We talked about how we could make it look, sketched it out as a group, decided how to divide the labor, and which supplies we would need to get.

Then each group got to work!  The first step was to make a plan. Some groups drew pictures of their plan, others made a smaller version, and others looked for examples in books. These play plans helped ensure that each group was able to work together and understand what was going to happen with their part.

Once each group finished their section they had to meet with the group that designed the area they area that they need to glue onto.  This added another layer of communication needs and collaboration.

Stop by the room and check it out! It is hanging above our door. You can also see samples of the plans they made hanging outside the room.

It will be interesting to see what other Halloween ideas the students have in the coming days!

Magical Fall

Sometimes all you need is fallen leaves and children.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Project Room - First Group

Our first group went into the project room to begin working on our fall display.  This group started drawing giant pictures and figuring out how to design trees that we may be able to attach to the pictures.  The other groups will come and add to the project in the coming days.

This first group was 1/3 of each of the preschool classes working together. This is a fun way for our preschoolers to work with students from the other two rooms.